Mafia Island (“Chole Shamba”)

is part of the TANZANIAN ZANZIBAR ARCHIPELAGO, together with UNGUJA , PEMBA AND LATHAM ISLANDS. As one of the six districts of the PWANI REGION , Mafia Island is governed from the mainland, not from the semi-autonomous region of ZANZIBAR, of which it has never been considered to be a part.

According to the 2002 Tanzania census, the population of the Mafia District was 40,801.The economy is based on fishing, subsistence agriculture and the market in Kilindoni .

The island attracts some tourists, mainly adventure scuba divers , game fisherman, and people wanting relaxation.

JUNE – SEPTEMBER : Few rain, but windy in the other side of the island not in RAS MBISI LODGE who is in the west coast where the see is always calm
OCTOBER – NOVEMBER : Not windy , amazing season
December – febbruary : monsoon from north – west. very windy but changable . You can finf whale sharks.
MARCH – 15 APRIL :not windy , very good season
15 APRIL – 15 MAY : Raining season
For the fauna:
GIUGNO – AGOSTO :Nests hatched turtles
OCTOBER – MARCH : Whale sharks

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